Monday, 26 May 2014

Your first elevator pitch

Ever heard of the elevator pitch? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. I will try to explain in 3 steps.
Imagine the following scenario:

Step 1 : you get in the lift with someone important for your business.
Step 2 : the door of the lift closes, you have 30 seconds to present your case...
Step 3 : 30 seconds later, the doors open again.

Did you talk about the right things? Did you make the right expression? Did you leave early?

To be prepared for situations like these, you need to be prepared. An elevator pitch needs to be short, 30 seconds 60 seconds max. Try to be unique but also make sure  to answer the following question : what is in it for the other person? The goal of your pitch is to make a difference, a call to action, so there can be a next talk.

There are a lot of blogs that can help preparing for this talk. Make sure to be ready when the moment arrives and don't forget to practice in advance.

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